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“…the difference between the two glasses was clear. The control glass was quite closed, not showing any upfront aromas; the aerated wine on the other hand showed a marked improvement in bouquet. On the palate the aerated wine proved to be much smoother – which is exactly what the manufacturers promise”

—Independent double blind tasting conducted by Wine Magazine

“I read about Vinturi and was very suspicious of its claims.

Having purchased a unit my experience has been astounding.

A truly amazing product. I had such confidence in the product that I agreed to be a distributor. …People who have bought from me now confirm that they cannot drink their wines without using their Vinturi.

It is truly amazing how it is able to smooth out harsh tannins and improve the bouquet.”


The Sommelier and Owner of Smokey Swallows East London.

Diners Award winning wine list restaurant

"Building on the design of its red wine predecessor, the new Vinturi White Wine Aerator's modified internal design and air ducts accommodates white wine's unique composition with more vigorous aeration, and mixes just the right amount of air with whites to enhance their character."
—Wine Enthusiast

"Most wine aficionados know reds taste better when they're allowed to breathe, and the same can be true for whites.  The new Vinturi White wine Aerator helps open up the "
—Alaska Airlines Magazine

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"Vinturi, the maker of the popular Vinturi Aerator, has come out with a new version, specially designed for white wine. The company claims this new product introduces just the right amount of air as you pour the wine through the device and into a glass. I was skeptical, but in a blind tasting it really worked. The "
—The Daily Transcript


"Once in a blue moon someone has a vision that changes scientific thought forever. Newton with gravity, Einstein with E=mc², and now Rio Sabadicci with his Vinturi White Wine Aerator.

As this is a unique product (specifically for white wines), I would give it a proper spot at my wine bar - it is a must have if you ever drink or serve white wine. I have a new answer to the question, 'Should I decant white wine?'- It is 'Yes, but I would use a Vinturi white wine aerator…'"


"There are few miracle gadgets in the food world that actually work, but Vinturi's clever wine aerator is a notable exception....The results can be startlingly clear - especially in a more rustic bottle, where the rough edges seem to be polished down, the fruit aromas become more vivid, and the wine glides more softly over the palate."
—The Philadelphia Inquirer

"This instantly aerates your wine."
—The Early Show on CBS

"This little gadget means you can keep the decanter on the shelf."
—WMAQ-TV, NBC Chicago

"Get smoother taste straight from the bottle with the Vinturi Wine Aerator."
—Vegetarian Times

"One of the coolest inventions of all time."
—David Wilson, Grape Encounters Radio

Vinturi Wine Aerator Tested and...It Works!
Ever the skeptic, I could not imagine such a gadget could actually do as claimed, but, happily, I was wrong. Vinturi Wine Aerator is the real deal. Wines my guests and I sampled really were enhanced, changed for the better by this simple gadget. Wine enthusiasts as well as casual imbibers will benefit, and you may consider this an excellent gift idea, as well.
Steve Kruschen, The One and Only Mr. Gadget


"Wine gadget ‘magically’ lives up to its advertising"
—The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"The same bottle of wine treated with Vinturi was higher in overall flavor intensity and mouthfeel…higher in red color intensity and overall aroma intensity…more true to type and of higher quality."
—Independent double blind tasting conducted by Vinquiry Wine Analytics in Napa, CA.

"This is the newest wine gadget… pour the wine through it into a decanter and it immediately (by aerating it) makes the wine more approachable and ready to drink. Drink it right away!"

"I’m a skeptic about wine gadgets. While they might make great gifts for the millionaire oenophile, rarely do I see any use for wine accessories beyond the basic openers, foil cutters, decanters and refrigerators. So I surprised myself with my enthusiastic response to the Vinturi. I tried it on a tannic red wine and it instantly tasted better."
—San Francisco Chronicle

"This little item is an aerator that you can just (pour) right into the glass and it makes a really cool noise too. So that puts air into the wine… and it absolutely brings out the aroma."
—Today with Anthony Dias Blue

"This one’s called the Vinturi wine aerator. What it does is it softens tannins, makes it a little bit more smooth and drinkable. A lot of people locally in the wine business are using this."
—NBC San Diego

"It does the work of a decanter in a lot less time."
—The Los Angeles Times

"If you hate to wait for a wine to breath, you’re in for a treat: the Vinturi Wine Aerator. With this handy device, you can insert air into the wine in a matter of mere moments."
—The New York Times

"Orson Welles might have served no wine before its time, but when your guests arrive early (or you're just dying for a glass of Rioja), this aerator will make wine table-ready in seconds."
—The Oprah Magazine

"It's an affordable, convenient way to enrich a glass of wine. Vinturi is used in more than 70 wineries in Sonoma and Napa Valley, California."
—Entrepreneur Magazine

"So here's a toast to Rio Sabadicci, Vinturi's inventor, for creating a product that is as effective as it is elegant. Pour us another."
—Wired Magazine

"Big, young red wines taste considerably better if you decant them — but what if you just want a glassful? The Vinturi pulls oxygen through holes in its sides, aerating wine instantly."
—Sunset Magazine

"The best is called Vinturi... A small plastic sieve of sorts, Vinturi allows the person decanting the wine to pour from the bottle into the Vinturi."
—The Napa Valley Register

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